Ciarrah's Light by Lou Hoffmann Cover by Catt FordFrom LitPick student reviewer:

Ciarrah’s Light is a wonderful epic fantasy, with dynamic characters and enchanting settings. Hoffmann’s tale is one to rival some of the greatest fantasy sagas, including the Eragon and Lord of the Rings series. With a relatable character facing unbelievable challenges, Hoffmann allows the reader to find themselves in Lucky’s journey while being immersed in a completely different world. Due to mature language, occasional implied sexual relationships, and an advanced reading level, I’d recommend this book for high school students only. But older readers are sure to be delighted by the fast-paced nature of the book as well as the imaginative language the author weaves into the story. Hoffmann balances drama and humor, providing much-needed variety in the story. There was an occasional information overload when the story switched between so many different perspectives, but at the same time, it was fun to watch the storylines converge. It is not a book I’d recommend for those who have not first read the first two books, as it will be easy to get lost or miss character development, but Hoffmann includes several nods and explanations related to the first books, expertly helping a potentially lost reader. I am delighted to give this beautifully-written book five stars.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.”

From Shorty at MM Good Book Reviews:

“I loved everything about this story. It’s breathless scenes left me stunned at times. The battle plans were ingenious as well as the characters themselves all playing vital roles into bringing this stunning story into sharp clarity.

I was hooked from the very first word to the last in this exciting addition to the series. Another brilliant story for the Sun Child Chronicles as we follow Lucky on his journey yet again.

Great read.”

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